Posted by: RationalRDM | June 7, 2011

Innovate 2011: I Got A Feeling – Day 1 Recap

Hello from IBM Innovate 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Day 1 yesterday was packed full of announcements, client success stories, technical best practices, a very busy solution center , great opportunities for networking, and flashmob dancers!

The overall theme is ‘Software. Everyware.’ Software pervades business processes and products we rely on in our work and private lives. Key messages on how IBM Rational is helping organizations drive innovation through software were ‘Integrate, Collaborative, Optimize’. Linking information across the software and systems lifecycles breaks down silos and enables more efficient and productive collaboration. That collaboration together with ‘development intelligence’ – up to date measurement data on your project status and trends, enables optimized decision making.

Key announcements were made on Collaborative Design Management, Collaborative Lifecycle Management, and Collaborative Development & Operations all emphasized integration using OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Integration) – see

From the Requirements Definition & Management (RDM) track, highlights included the announcement of Rational Requirements Composer 3.0.1 with it’s completely web based implementation, improved definition capabilities, new management – filtering and traceabiity capabilities, enhanced lifecycle integration with Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager, and built-in planning and work item management features.

The RDM Strategy & Vision session also previewed the intended evolution of IBM Rational DOORS onto the Rational Jazz server while continuing to enhance the current DOORS generation; and enabling interoperability between the two to enable organizations and supply chains to transition at their own pace.

Want to know about Day 2 and onwards as it happens? Follow @rationalrdm or the #ibminnovate hashtag on Twitter.

And I’ll be back with a day 2 recap tomorrow.

Andy Gurd, Go to Market Manager, IBM Rational, from IBM Innovate 2011.


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