Posted by: RationalRDM | May 20, 2011

Choosing the right vehicle to drive improvements in requirements practices

When choosing an automotive vehicle wouldn’t it be boring and inconvenient if only one make and model were available? We are lucky today to have a plethora of  choices  to meet differing needs. If you’re a single person or young couple, perhaps you look for a sporty convertible; a family with their first child goes for a compact saloon; and a larger family chooses an MPV. Perhaps you also need different vehicles for different jobs – if you carry heavy loads sometimes, you get a pick-up truck.

At IBM Rational we think the same need, to be able to pick the right tool for the particular job, applies to requirements definition & management (RDM). That’s why we continue to maintain more than one product in our RDM portfolio. Daniel Moul explains, in a recent forum post on, the different project and organizational needs addressed by Rational Requirements Composer and Rational DOORS.

At the forthcoming Innovate 2011 conference (Orlando, Florida, June 5-9) there will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about requirements management tools and techniques to address types of organization, project and process. I’d like to highlight a couple of sessions here:

  • RDM-1978:  Requirements Engineering: Which Techniques and Tools Are Right? which will be presented by Timothy McKemy, and Harry Koehnemann of Rocket Gang. They will talk  about a number of requirements techniques and discuss when to use each based on factors such as system complexity, level of governance, and development process.
  • RDM-2203:  Track Kickoff: Requirements Definition and Management Strategy and Vision, presented by George DeCandio, Distinguished Engineer and Bill Shaw, Manager, Requirements Management at IBM. This session, which last year was the most popular breakout session at the conference, will cover IBM’s view of patterns and trends in requirements definition & management; and IBM’s strategy and vision to address them in the Rational requirements definition & management portfolio.

To find out more about the Requirements Definition & Management track and to register for Innovate 2011, please visit the conference website. To keep up with the latest developments in requirements management at IBM, please visit and the requirements management section on

Right for now I’m going back to day dreaming about my next car,

Andy Gurd, Go to Market Manager, IBM Rational


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