Posted by: RationalRDM | May 13, 2011

We’re back and ready to talk Requirements at Innovate 2011

Yes it’s been a while since you’ve seen anything here, but after a bit of shuffling around and maybe the odd prod or two, the RDM blog is back. Of course having left this for a while there’s ton of great stuff that’s happened that I could talk about. However let’s look forward to something that’s coming up very shortly.  I’m talking about IBM’s Innovate 2011 conference in Orlando, Florida between June 5 and 9. I’m a co-chair of the Requirements Definition & Managment track at this year’s event and I’d like to start by telling you about the top 5 things I think you might be interested in:

  1. Hearing about IBM’s strategy and plans for the requirements definition & management portfolio, seeing demos of latest releases and previews of what’s planned
  2. Learning from experiences of your peers on their implementations of Rational DOORS, Rational Requisite Pro and Rational Requirements Composer
  3. Finding out how IBM business partners can extend your RDM environment with capabilities including product line engineering, dynamic modelling, electronics design and more
  4. Understanding how to better integrate requirements management tools with your complete development process and achieve better results in downstream development effort
  5. Seeing how requirements management is being applied to business challenges in multiple industry sectors

Of course I’ve only briefly touched on some elements of the RDM track. There’s so much more on offer in that track, and over 400 breakout sessions across the whole conference, not counting keynote sessions, the solution center and an appearance by Jeopardy champion, Watson.  To find out more and to register, please visit the Innovate 2011 web site

Look out for further posts here highlighting some of the RDM track sessions and also a preview of what you can expect to hear about developments in the Rational RDM portfolio.

Signing off for now,

Andy Gurd (Go-to-Market Manager, IBM Rational).


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