Posted by: RationalRDM | September 21, 2009

Rational Requirements Composer Beta 2.0 is Now Live!

IBM Rational announces today that  the Beta 2 download of IBM Rational Requirements Composer is now available on In honor of this, I wanted to summarize some of the new capabilities included. With this version, project teams can define requirements more effectively and manage them efficiently.  I’ve seen many of the new features demo’ed in this beta  and think that both new and existing customers will be thrilled! Rational has worked closely with customers through the managed beta and design partner programs while developing Requirements Composer and it is really evident in the features and ease of use. Some of the new features include:

1) Review and approval capability. This is one of my favorites and will help users improve the effectivenss of capturing, elaboration, and defining requirements. They’ll be able to conduct formal and informal review processes, comment within the scope of the reviews, and send automatic notifications to review participants.

2) Web client for reviewer and occasional users will enable organizations to achieve consensus with stakeholders faster by shortening the review and approval cycles. In addition to the web-based review and approval workflow, there are customizable user dashboards and viewlets that provide information about project membership, recent activity, collaboration, and reviews.

3) Reports and Document Generation is one of the features most often requested from our customers.  This capability will automate tasks for generating and publishing hand-offs, contracts, reports, and traditional reviews. Users will be able to generate use case survey documents and requirements specifications using out-of-the-box reporting using  Rational Publishing Engine. They’ll also be able to generate reports based on requirements, use-case diagrams, and use case artifacts. Reports can be formatted for Microsoft Word, HTML, or PDF.

4) With Artifact Collections and Project Snapshots, users can better organize requirements and related artifacts, understand project scope, and prioritize tasks. They can create and use collections to facilitate review and approval and to specify scope. They can also create snapshots that capture, point to, and use specific versions of sets of artifacts.

5) Shared Dashboard Filters enable better collaboration among stakeholders through the ability to view and share critical project information. They are able to save dashboard filters to share views of project artifacts with other team members.

6) Attributes view customization allows users to examine attribute values across multiple artifacts and requirements. They can also reorder columns.

7) And finally, there are several enhancements that expand the variety of techniques to elicit, capture and elaborate requirements. These include:

  • Support for tables in documents
  • Commenting enhancements
  • Performance improvements
  • Migration of  data from v1.x to v2.0
  • The ability to Upload v1.0 artifacts and archives directly to v2.0
  • Improvements to business process diagram rendering and editing with layout and alignment functions
  • Improved wiring and copy/paste capabilities
  • Derby as the default database
  • Having a separate DB2 index database is no longer necessary   


You can download the Rational Requirements Composer 2.0 beta and provide feedback on here.



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