Posted by: RationalRDM | July 21, 2009

Requirements Management, Steak, Wine and Cheese – Better Matured

From Andy Gurd, Senior Go-To-Market Manager for IBM Rational Systems Marketing:

 Like a full-flavored, tender fillet steak, a vintage Bordeaux and a ripe Stilton, requirements management (RM) practices are better when matured.

 But how do you know when your RM practices are at the right level of maturity for your organization or industry? How do your organization’s practices compare to those of your competitors?

 At IBM, we’ve been gaining experience of and advising clients on best practices in RM for over 20 years, and we’ve seen lots of different approaches across different industries, organizations, and projects. To help you see where your practices rank with what we, based on that experience, believe to be the best practices, we’ve created an online assessment questionnaire that guides you through a number of questions on your organization’s current RM practices. Your answers are scored and totalled and you are ranked against three levels of RM process maturity. Along with your ranking, you are directed to resources like white papers, webcasts and training courses that provide information you can use to help your organization build on their RM practices.

 You can take the assessment here. And please come back here and give us your feedback on the questions, the resources and your views on what makes requirements management practices mature. Oh, and if you’ve got some good tips on where to get great steak, wine or cheese, please feel free to drop those in too!



  1. Hey Andy – I took this test. It took less that 5 minutes.

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